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Dalail-ul-Khairat: Guide of good deeds

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We pray to Almighty Allah to accept ours and especially Hzt Shaheedullah Sb's tireless effort in bringing this to reality to spread awareness on the importance placed on salawat upon Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. From the time Imam al-Jazuli wrote it, for the better part of five, six centuries now, this work has been recited on a weekly basis throughout the Ummah. And countless people complete this compendium of sending blessings upon the Prophet ﷺ on a weekly basis, beginning it on a Friday and finishing it on the eve of Friday; on Thursday evening. And there are others who actually complete it just in one day. There are many gatherings where it is completed in one majlis reciting the whole of Dalail al-Khayrat in sending blessings upon the Prophet ﷺ . In Arabic, if we say “nar, nar, nar”, which is the Arabic word for “fire, fire, fire”, you’re going to feel some burning sensation at your tongue. This is the power of the Arabic language. The Arabic language is a sacred language. If you say “fire, fire, fire” in Arabic “nar, nar, nar”, you’re going to feel some burning sensation at your tongue and probably in the whole of your body. The same if you say “Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhammad ﷺ. As-salatu wa salamu ʿalayka ya Sayyidina ya Muhammad. Allahumma salli ʿala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa ʿala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim”, you’re going to feel tranquillity. You’re going to feel mercy. You’re going to feel generosity. You’re going to feel humility. You’re going to feel openness. You’re going to feel so beautifully because you’re mentioning the name of the most beloved to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Apart from Dalail al-Khayrat, Imam al-Jazuli authored two other prayer works. One is called Hizb al-Falah, a short text which sometimes appears alongside Dalail al-Khayrat in certain copies, although it has not attained the fame achieved by Dalail al-Khayrat. The other is entitled Hiizb al-Jazuli, also known as Hizb subhana l-da’im la yazul, and is written in the Berber language of the Sus region. The Story of Dalail al-Khayrat And after this age of compiling the core Islamic sciences, one of the areas that the scholars directed their attention to was to compile collections of works, of books that gathered those acts of remembrance and supplication. Adkhar and dua. That it befits any righteous believer to fill their time in devotion to Allah Most High. Khtam in Honour of the Shaykh who authored the Book this is a lso a request from the author too as the end of se ction 8. After returning to Morocco around 857/1453, Imam Jazuli returned to Fes before settling in Asafi in western Morocco. With the extent of his esoteric and exoteric knowledge of the Islamic sciences, Imam al-Jazuli established Tariqa Jazuliyya, guiding thousands of students. He established a zawiya and a set of teachings for his students. He and his followers lived in tents around the ruins of the tomb of Abu Salih Muhammad al- Maghari.


For the santri and followers of the tarekat, Dalailul Khairat's wirid is a very famous wirid. This wirid is usually given through a diploma process, namely the tradition of giving teachings or practices from generation to generation with a clear chain of sanad. Teachers who do diplomas are called Mujiz. When the diploma is carried out, the lineage of the Dalailul Khairat's sanad wirid is usually included sequentially which is connected to the author of this wirid, Sheikh Muhammad bin Sulaiman al-Jazuli. Translation (Indonesian, English, French, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Urdu), equipped with transliteration

The Dalail Khairat at this time is recited by many people in the Arab world. If a person wishes to attain divine blessings for a particular need by means of it, then it should be with the condition that his self in general has one resolve. When this opening occurs this person persists in this meaning linked to this action; and makes it a means of attaining his needs. Variations of Dalail al-Khayrat He revealed that he was the ‘Renewer of his era’ (Mujaddid) and he opposed the methods of the scholars, who themselves were corrupt and averse to spiritual refinement, causing the people to go astray. From the printed copies available today, the Dalail al-Khayrat publication by Shaykh Nuh Keller follows the al-Sahliyyah edition. Historical Importance of Dalail al-KhayratAnd after the initial age that came of the science of hadith, there came the scholars who detailed out the principles for verifying hadith that had been placed by the earlier scholars. And they clarified the principles by which one may determine the authentically established narrations of the Prophet ﷺ from those that are not authentically established. Many variations of Dalail al-Khayrat exist between manuscripts and printed versions of Dalail al-Khayrat, especially as far the introductory and concluding prayers are concerned. Some have adhered to the original format while others have included additional supplications. It should also be noted that there are differences in the wording of some of the opening supplications from one copy to another. Most versions contain the following elements: Laila Abdel Ghany explores the history behind the Dala’il al-Khayrat, and why it had such a massive impact on Islamic history. Historically in both the Haramain, in the Haram al-Makki and the Haram al-Madini, after Asr on a daily basis, both in Mecca and Madina with particular attention in the city of the beloved Messenger ﷺ, in Madina al-Munawwara, after Asr daily there would be a gathering of Dalail al-Khayrat. And these gatherings lasted for hundreds of years. For over 300 years. And there would be a Shaykh appointed for this gathering would be known as the Shaykh al-Dalail and this continued generation after generation.

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