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Spirit Release: A Practical Handbook

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Our ‘Protocol’ has reached a level of efficiency that enables us to bring relief to 80% of our clients in just one session that takes an average of eight minutes. Evidence from more than 500 case studies supports that claim. Please Note: The first session will always take the form of an assessment of the case and information on how long the process might take. Once your session is completed you will receive a full written report plus a copy of Jonno’s Psychic Protection Protocol. The next step is to help the ‘Soul’ become aware of it true nature and also to connect to its guides and loved ones. And at this stage I also send healing to the situation that has caused it to be trapped. Often such Souls need assurance that everything is going to be fine for them. Hoeller, S. (1982). The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead. 7 th ed 2009. Wheaton, Ill.: Quest Books.

In endeavoring to accomplish the above, mention should be made that there are many varying approaches and beliefs around this topic coming from many traditions, such as Shamanism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, metaphysics, and other forms of spiritual practices. Even in Reiki circles, there are a wide variety of opinions and methods available. Therefore, fully covering such a vast topic within a single article would be impossible. It is also not my intention to make one approach or tradition right and others wrong. The preceding can easily give the impression that these kinds of negative energies are floating about and are randomly choosing those to whom the With the Intuitive Therapist method, the therapist listens to information that comes from a source lying beyond the threshold of normal waking sensory perception. In this model, the therapist is accessing information from the subliminal mindof the client, whose ultimate source may be viewed as the client’s Higher Self or as a spirit guide ( see below) that has volunteered to assist, or as the possessing discarnate entity (or entities) that are the cause of the client’s distress. The capitalized term ‘Spiritualists’ is used to descibe those who practice communication with spirits as a religion. Raymond Moody, another specialist in the scientific research into non-corporeal existence contributed to Fiore’s book with this foreword:

Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) is a clinical treatment sometimes used with patients who appear to be ‘possessed’ by a harmful spirit entity, and who have not responded to conventional psychotherapy or psychiatric methods. Its claims have yet to be substantiated by rigorous empirical studies. However, as a diagnostic system SRThas been found by some medical practitioners, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists to be more efficient than traditional medical diagnostics at identifying the aetiology of a wide range of mental, emotional and psychosomatic illnesses. 1

These discarnate spirits are termed by SRT practitioners as ‘earthbound’ spirits, or ‘EB’s. In such cases the SRT practitioner treats the earthbound spirit as a client and helps them to progress to where they ought to be following the death of the physical body. Due to its non-religious, clinical principles ,SRT practitioners refer to the destructive, malevolent forms of spirit that cause problems , not as devils or demons, but at ‘dark force entities’ (DFE)s. Hunter, R. (2005). Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy. Bancyfelin: Crown House. Video Courses; all the courses on Udemy but with a Past Life Awakening Institute certificate, and a bundle of courses at an exclusive price, to get a Certificate of Completion. We then apply the appropriate initial releasement techniques, including help from the Rescue Spirits of Lights, Archangel Michael and the Spirit Guide of the client and therapist.We are keen to expand the membership of Spirit Release Forum and would greatly value your support. Membership entitles you to a number of significant benefits: It is common knowledge that Christianity has its angels, devils and demons (although the majority of modern so-called Christians probably don’t believe they really exist). Islam has its Jinns and the Hindus have a variety of evil spirits.

Mark, what you have done for my daughter is without price. Spirit attachment and releasement is a subject that few people recognise or believe in but for my daughter it has been very real and there is no one else I would trust to help her. Why can't every clinic or psychiatry ward have someone with your spiritual gifts and insight? The world would be a much happier place. Thank you again. This course can help with healing your clients, yourself and certain spirits, and give skills to protect and avoid unhelpful situations. If you are a professional looking to give intentional SRTsessions for clients with complex, advanced cases, you should consider have advanced Zoom training and mentoring. I next put up a strong protection around myself and, if working with another, I might ask them to additionally put a protection around me. If working with a group, as well as spending a little time integrating and balancing the group’s energies before working, I will generally split them into two, having some members focus just on the protection, whilst the others focus on the issue in hand. Protection is very important and should not be overlooked. Modern spirit release therapists, and other practitioners who claim to work with discarnate spirit entities, define such entities according to their orientation. One group releases spirit entities from places, another releases them from people. A third type refer to themselves as ‘soul rescuers’, following the shamanic practice of communicating with spirits in accordance with ‘the rules of co-existence with the other world’. 8


This can all be taken care of by doing your own shadow healing around these concerns, and dealing with whatever comes up in such a way that it no longer holds any charge for you. By attending to your own healing needs in this area, you can create a supportive and open space in which your clients can deal with similar issues. (See Part II of this series in the Winter 2004 edition of this magazine for a more detailed explanation of the shadow and its dynamics.) Keep in mind also that once you’ve had some basic training as supplied with this article and gained some experience, it is likely that you’ll consider spirit-releasement work to be no different than other kinds of healing work you already do... The question of whether these disembodied conscious forms exist, either in material or metaphysical form, or are created from the imagination, is a subject of debate among SRT practitioners. 7 Discarnate human entities sometimes choose the host because they live a life like the last one the entity did and, therefore, it would be comfortable sharing experiences of familiar activities. The host may remind the entity of themselves at that age, they may remind the entity of someone they lost or loved at that age. The entity may be a family member who has died and had a very strong love for the host (a grandparent, for instance, and a favourite grandchild). If the discarnate human soul is not so pleasant, it will prey on the weak and try to take over the life.

Non-therapists to understand what is happening if they have spirit attachment issues, so they can do some simple releasement themselves, or seek out a therapist to help with a complex spirit releasement. In traditional mainstream therapeutics, counselling or psychiatric treatment is usually carried out in a face-to-face interview, with therapist and client employing their normal, waking cognitive abilities to engage in dialogue. SRTinterventions are rarely conducted in this way (apart from the initial consultation), but rather by any of the following methods. This is due to several interrelated factors. Primarily, materialistic science does not recognise any concept of a spirit world and doctors are therefore not yet trained in spirit release therapy (SRT) principles and techniques. Every day we are exposed to a multitude of so-called positive and negative energy influences. Some are created within ourselves through our habitual thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors. Others seem to come from around us via our interactions with people and events in our immediate lives and within the larger world community, as well as from a host of environmental sources such as weather, sound/noise, chemicals, toxins, water and food quality, and the like. The second group we support are those psychiatrists, therapists, practitioners and carers, who are helping individuals with the conditions listed above, to work through their issues.Sue Allen's book is a clearly set-out account of spirit release work, using hypnosis. There are many fascinating case studies, with verbatim accounts of the therapeutic interaction. It contains many tips and practical suggestions. The book is written for the general public. It should also be read by every spirit release therapist.

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