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Games Workshop - Citadel Colour Layer: Stormhost Silver (12ml) Paint

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Add a little Warboss Green to the Waaagh Flesh and layer up, leaving the darker color in the recesses

Tinmetal Grey:A light silver paint with a hint of champagne. Great for painting tin or platinum, or for a final highlight for gold or brass. You could also use it for highlighting Anthrax Metal or GW Leadbelcher to emphasise that warm, oily tint. In our How to Paint Everything series we look at how to paint well, everything, with multiple schemes and techniques. In today’s article we’re looking at the death mask-clad faces of the Age of Sigmar franchise, the Stormcast Eternals. I'm unsure if it would work out the same with the suggested Stormhost Silver base coat with gem paint over top. But I have a feeling that it would just look like a slightly dulled metallic solid color , based on my experience with dullcote and metallic paints. Lastly I took pure White Scar and did a smaller highlight in the middle of the previous one. On larger glowing areas, like on the Canoptek Reanimator, I had to do more layers to get a smoother blend. When Dominion dropped earlier this year, I was hype as hell for the new range of Stormcast. In place of the big fat babymen of AoS’ launch, we had these statuesque spearmen, chariots, and big honkin angel ladies. These models screamed “Ancient Greece” to me, and not just because I’m going through a Greekaboo phase with Goonhammer favorite Hades and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I also wanted to get away from the typical blue and gold of the Hammers of Sigmar to really make this army my own.The VMA range also have metallic colours - blue, red, etc. The blue is fantastic, but the red isn't as metallic as I'd hoped. You can mix in some silver paint to make them more metallic, and then use some inks or Tamiya clear to deepen the colour intensity, so it's still worth trying them out and seeing how they work for you. Add a little Tallarn Sand to the Steel Legion Drab and layer up, leaving the darker tan in the recesses For their carapaces I used Karandras Green and applied Doomfire Magenta to their fleshier parts, while claws were painted with Blood Angels Red and the visible brain-like parts had Frostheart applied to them. I went old school on the basing and used a layer of Armageddon Dust which was then painted over with Warboss Green , washed in Biel-Tan Green and drybrushed with Niblet Green. Charlie: Custom Splinter Fleet Evil Chrome: This is a light warm coppery metallic paint. It could be used for highlighting more orange metallic paints like Citadel’s Balthasar Gold or Hashut Copper, or True Copper from the Warpaints range. Or use it on its own and darken it with a wash. The Army Painter’s Warpaints Metallic Colours paint set comes with nine new and exclusive metallic colours and “Fairy Dust” metallic effect paint, all in 18 ml dropper bottles. 20 stainless steel mixing balls are included, as well as a variety of painting guides.

I could then move on to the remainder of my airbrush work on his armor. I feel like Helbrecht doesn’t quite have the traditional gold that I’d paint my custodes, Sanguinius, or Sanguinary guard with, instead having more of a brass color. I used Scale 75 Victorian Brass as a fitting basecoat, and decided the paint has enough sheen and there are plenty of crevices for a wash to shade so I didn’t need an airbrushed highlight. Lastly, it’s time to highlight all the metals. This is the longest part of the process, but the one that makes all those details pop and brings the scheme together. I went with Stormhost Silver, as I wanted to maximize the contrast and definition of these models. Normally I’d do some weathering too, but these models are already so busy that adding scratches and such just seems like it would be too much. With that, you should be ready to hit the field with your high fantasy Spartan-adjacent stormzaddies. As for the animals, mounts, and other attendant critters, I usually go for naturalistic schemes drawn from wildlife. I can’t say I’ve really written these down since I didn’t standardize them, but browns and tans will get you where you need to go. I’m real excited to get to grips with the dragons soon and paint them up like Stellagama or Ground Agama lizards.Tyler Mengel is here with a new guide to making models look great easily, and he’s turned his attention from the Mortal Realms to the far future – specifically the aeons-old warriors of the Necrons. Take it away, Tyler. Tyranids are a purely organic faction, which means that even within a fixed colour scheme there’s room for individual variation and mutation. This is great news if, like me, you have trouble figuring out the right recipe for the colour you want – you can experiment on different models and units until you’re happy, and the results won’t look odd at all!

Out of all these tests, I liked the Leadbelcher set the most. It seemed to me to be a richer color than the other two. But, I wasn't happy to leave it there. I wondered what would happen if I painted all three onto one gem in the same way the "old school" gems were painted, with a dark upper section, gradually lighter at the bottom with a highlight in the bottom corner.

Mix in a little more Skavenblight Dinge and layer up again, concentrating on raised areas where light would hit The gold in the video above is Balthasar Gold -> Druchi Violet wash -> Drybrush Balthasar Gold -> Drybrush Sycorax Bronze. OPTIONAL STEP: Leadbelcher spray is sometimes hydrophobic, so it might be a good idea to hit the sprayed barricades with matte varnish. If you don’t, it will take longer to apply the shade. The short answer is that metallic paints have evolved from the original mica based formula, and Citadel’s White Cap paints are a new formulation of fine metallic powder and pigments that are designed for brush painting, not airbrushing.

Finally, I glue on all the sundry vegetation, as I don’t want to get paint on it. The key to this stuff is layering it and slowly building it up to look overgrown. I use some slightly thinned PVA glue for all of it. And that’s it! It took me about forty minutes to do these three barricades. Honestly, waiting for things to dry is the longest part, so a hairdryer could maybe speed this up further. Great results for time invested! Gunmetal Grey: A neutral dark silver but without the warm tint that Anthrax Metal or GW Leadbelcher has. Add a little Cadian Fleshtone to the The Fang and layer up, leaving the darker color in the recesses

Add Athonian Camoshade and Druchii Violet in recesses and random patches, letting the washes flow together Blue Malayan Coral Snake : The effect on the body was achieved by using thinned Frostheart Contrast with a White Scar drybrush, wet blending with Blood Angels Red Contrast for the head and tail. Scales are Leviadon Blue with a Blue Horror drybrush.

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