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TSDZ2B 36V 250W 48V 500W Torque Sensor Tongsheng Mid Drive Motor 2022 Version Disc Brake V Brake Coaster Brake Electric Bike Conversion Kit VLCD5 Display DIY Ebike Kits for Mountain Bike

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https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/105815170/170384279-da68944c-ad4f-4dba-8b72-06b61be60cb9.jpg Now : The reduction gear kit is all in one which is not able to divide. Then there’s no one way needle bearing anymore.

When using your e-bike with the TSDZ2B Mid Motor, remember to follow local traffic laws and regulations. Familiarize yourself with any specific rules regarding electric bicycles in your area, such as speed limits, bike lane usage, and helmet requirements. Conclusion After reinforcing, the strength increases by 15%, reducing the failure rate of this reason and after-sales on this point. Both of these mid drives have a poor heat-shedding path from the hot stator to the outer aluminum shell, so it is typically better to hot rod them by increasing the volts instead of the “heat producing” amps. That being said, the “750W” BBS02 has a better heat-shedding path, and also it starts out with more copper mass in the motor. Kits are not the same as bikes, which are supplied as complete items needing little or no intervention by the customer. If you encounter any problems during the testing phase, consult the troubleshooting section of the TSDZ2B Mid Motor manual or seek assistance from the manufacturer's support channels. Common issues may include incorrect sensor readings, error codes on the display, or motor malfunctions. Safety Precautions and TipsBuild Quality: The Tongsheng seems like a nicer build quality. Both drives are solid. The Tongsheng is a little lighter than the Bafang (but also less powerful). The chain ring on the BBS02 seems cheap and people often replace them. The chain ring protector on the BBS02 is plastic and the one on the TSDZ2 is metal. You may also note that I have not plumped for the legal 250w motor. Shop bought eBikes adhere to the ‘nominal rating of 250w’ or however it is worded, but essentially some perform better than others and most have peak power outputs quite a bit higher than 250w - that much is evident when you ride them. I have test ridden a few legal shop bought bicycles with the crank drive motors mentioned above and they both felt no less powerful than my so called 500w. Like those my motor is limited to 25kph. I intend to keep it that way and sleep soundly thank you very much. If you have an unloved bike gathering dust in your garage, it may be worth giving it a new lease of life and converting it into an electric bike. The Tongsheng TSDZ2 is a great e-bike conversion kit and offers a unique riding experience with a smooth torque-sensing pedal assist. In this review, I’ll look at the positives and negatives of this motor kit to see if it’s a viable option in 2023.

De plus, on monte sur un cadre non renforcé qui n'est pas conforme aux norme des vélos électriques. I was pleasantly surprised how quiet the motor was and it only became noticeable when climbing hard. The uptake is very smooth and it has met my expectations, so I cant see me changing the front ring to a bigger one or modding the firmware like others do. I prefer riding with the speed limiter raised by a couple of mph not because I am a speed demon but I found assist coming in and out a lot as I seem to hover around the 15mph mark. It wasn't that it was jerky or anything it just "felt" more pleasant being under slight assist all the time. I really didnt use the gears much at all and stayed in 2nd from top most of the time. Even pulling away in this gear was easy and on the steepest hill I didn't drop below gear 5 of 10. When I returned battery was half depleted. Bike in shed now so not sure how many miles, 35 at a guess Why doesn't thumb throttle work? An you must install motor on bike, then ride ebike, the thumb throttle just works after motor run Community: The Bafang products are more popular and have been widely used, tested, and customized. There are more tutorials, information, and guides by far than for the Tongsheng products. The TSDZ2 also comes in a coaster brake version. If you have a coaster brake bike, this is the only game in town. No other mid-drive or rear hub motors can work with a coaster brake. You could put a front hub motor on a coaster brake bike, but front hubs have their own issues. The TSDZ2 coaster brake motor opens up a lot of fun bikes to the possibility of an even more fun ebike.

En Europe, la situation n'est certainement pas si catastrophique et il me parait inenvisageable que les VAE disparaissent. Il faut noter que ce moteur (le TSDZ2) est moins puissant que bien des moteurs certifiés et c'est l'un des plus proche en termes de fonctionnement des moteurs homologués.

You may also need a drill, 6.5mm drill bit if you need to install a couple of M5 rivnuts on the downtube to secure the battery cradle. As long as you have the range of gears you need and it's all working well I wouldn't be too fussed with 9 speed ... but of course you will get wider range or closer gears ... and more wear. Very safe] — Because the output of the electric power is synchronized with the pedaling force, as long as the rider releases the pedal, the power is cut off immediately, and there is no need to install the electric brake brake; when the crank is idling, the motor will not turn, and the safety is almost normal. Like a bicycle. Power: The BBS02 delivers 100% power as soon as you start rotating the pedals. It can be too much power if you have it on a high setting. The BBS02 can be set on levels 1-to-9. I typically kept mine on 4. It’s only when I wanted turbo speed that I increased it to 9. I found that I frequently adjusted the power levels, like gears, so I could keep it in control. If I had it on a high level, it could lurch unexpectedly.A TSDZ2 that has been adapted to using two 110-BCD chainrings and a derailleur, shown here on a recumbent tadpole trike. Those drawn to the TSDZ2 usually come to it by searching “torque sensing mid-drive motor.” Until the CYC line of mid-drive motors came out, the TSDZ2 was the only game in town for torque sensing, which is its primary advantage over the Bafang mid-drive motors. With torque-sensing, the motor not only senses that you are pedaling but also senses how hard you are pedaling and can respond accordingly. It can feel very natural to have the ebike respond by magnifying your effort with motor power and not just put out a constant amount of power whenever you are pedaling as the Bafang motors do, Generally, the TSDZ2 is reliable. But, problems can and do occur. Sometimes, these may manifest within the first few miles, and others may not happen until the motor has over a thousand miles under the belt. Environmental factors seem to play a part, and if you live in a wet country, it’s worth remembering that the Tongsheng isn’t waterproof. This project is being developed and maintained for free by a community of users. Some of them are developers who work professionally developing this type of technology for very well known companies.

Noise: The Tongsheng is quieter. While the BBS02 is quiet, there is still a humming sound. I can barely hear the TSDZ2. [editor: noise between the TSDZ2 and BBS02 seems to be hit or miss, due to manufacturing variations] One of the things that experimenters like about the TSDZ2 is that it has both, a torque sensor and speed sensing. A “strain gauge” is a tiny but sophisticated device that measures the strain that occurs in a metal object, as force is applied to it. An ebike torque-sensor is a specialized type of strain gauge. One of the most significant advantages of the Tongsheng TSDZ2B conversion kit is its ease of installation. Even if you're not a seasoned mechanic, you can install it with the help of detailed instructions provided. However, if you prefer a hands-off approach, seeking professional assistance is always an option. The fixed reinforcing plate is optimized by adding embossing, depending on which the motor was better fixed even https://www.avdweb.nl/solar-bike/hub-motor/tongsheng/efficiency-bldc-motor-tongsheng-tsdz2-and-astro-3205-comparedUsing other supported displays and pheriperals will provide more functionality and features. Because this project is in heavy development more features will be added. I recommend the TSDZ2 if you want an electric motor to assist you, but still retain the intuitive feel of riding the bike. It’s much better for a novice rider or someone who isn’t comfortable dealing with the complexity of controlling the motor. I recommend the BBS02 if you value high speed and power and don’t mind giving up the bike-like feel. Or upgrade to the BBSHD for even more power…” If you want an analogy, it’s a bit like the early days of smartphones with Android and Apple. If you wanted something to just work, didn’t mind Apple setting the rules on how it worked, and were willing to pay a premium; you bought an Apple phone. If, instead, you wanted something to work exactly the way you wanted it to, and didn’t mind a bit of effort to get it that way, you bought a cheaper Android handset. The “Q-factor” (from Quadracepts, meaning the width of the pedal placement) on the TSDZ2 is wider than average. Some riders swap-in the BBS02 crank arms, which reduces the Q from 210mm to 182mm. Some builders swap-in only the right-side crank arm to make the pedals more evenly spaced from the centerline of the bike. Andorra, Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, Switzerland, UKRAINE, Vatican City, San Marino, Malta, Cyprus

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