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Dreams of Freedom

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U.S. Air Force Project RAND Memorandum RM-789-1, "Some Experimental Games," Merill M. Flood, 20 June 1952, pp.15–16: At the start of the 1970s, the theories of Laing and the models of Nash began to converge, leading to a popular belief that the state (a surrogate family) was purely and simply a mechanism of social control which calculatedly kept power out of the hands of the public. Curtis shows that it was this belief which allowed the theories of Hayek to look credible, and underpinned the free-market beliefs of Margaret Thatcher, who sincerely believed that by dismantling as much of the British state as possible—and placing former nationalised institutions into the hands of public shareholders—a form of social equilibrium could be reached. This was a return to Nash's work, in which he proved mathematically that if everyone pursued their own interests, a stable, yet perpetually dynamic, society would result. I would personally argue that the social sciences is the wrong approach to understanding and therefore guiding society. In its place I would argue for a long-term missions for the nations and the species as a whole, based on win-win rather than control. Treating humans as cogs in a system lead to some of the worst kinds of societies (ie. Communism, National Socialism (Nazism), etc.)" Although McDonnell was not involved in the first (1980) hunger strike, he joined Bobby Sands and the others in the second (1981) hunger strike. During the strike he fought the general election in the Republic of Ireland, and only narrowly missed election to the Sligo-Leitrim constituency.

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Chris: "What you are doing is disagreeing with Curtis' assessment of the situation, that's different from misinforming. Misinforming would be him making up facts, not assessing them." The programme describes how the Clinton administration gave in to market theorists in the US and how New Labour in the UK decided to measure everything it could by introducing such arbitrary and unmeasurable targets as: As Colbert recently pointed out, the more something is repeated and proclaimed to be truth, eventually the repetition will make it so. I recommend that any free and critical thinking individual that considers themselves educated watch this documentary.Similarly, the defect/defect outcome in the single-run prisoner's dilemma is typically considered a market failure (well, less so in the oligopoly pricing case, as it counteracts deadweight losses created by oligopolies). That one game theory model predicts this outcome for a specific situation does *not* indicate that game theory believes people *ought* to screw each other over. Prediction is not prescription either. The Heathen", "Waiting In Vain", "Exodus", and "One Love (People Get Ready)"originally released on Exodus. You blame Greece for the banking crisis? It's not an isolated incident. Greece is just a bellweather of a larger problem in the Western financial system."

Dreams of Freedom: Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub Dreams of Freedom: Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub

I think some of the opposition to the narrative expressed in this documentary comes from the following problem: In the New Statesman, Rachel Cooke argued that the series doesn't make a coherent argument. [12] She said that while she was glad Adam Curtis made provocative documentaries, he was as much of a propagandist as those he opposes. [12] As a true Romantic poet, Holderlin dreamt of a time when the sun of freedom would shine on his own country as well. Because the idea of the homeland (“Heimat” in German) had great significance for Romantic artists, this exhibit features an entire section devoted to it. It is not enough to imagine a world without oppression. We must understand the mechanisms that reproduce and naturalize exploitation and subjugation. And while Nash may be closer to Hayek than Keynes, Thatcher and Reagan were much more influenced by Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek than by Nash. Which is not surprising if you realize that Game Theory is a lot less politicized compared to schools of macroeconomics such as Monetarism and the Austrian School (or Keynesian, which influences Democrats).

Misrepresenting is a subset of misinforming. To be sure, my example below about friction was a better analogy in regards to Curtis misrepresenting economic models that assume rational actors rather than game theory. My apologies. A better example for Curtis misrepresenting game theory would be, say, physics modeling used for a moon mission.

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Our latest children's book combines the words of human rights heroes such as Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Anne Frank, Chief Standing Bear and Malala Yousafzai with beautiful illustrations from international artists including Oliver Jeffers and Chris Riddell. It is intellectually lazy for you to claim that there is a counterargument to what I am saying in a work I haven't seen or read. I could very easily have said that it is a waste of time for me to debate you until you have read _Origins of Virtue_ by Matt Ridley. Instead, I pointed out that he cites Robert Axelrod's work using the repeated version of the Prisoner's Dilemma to show the evolution of altruism. Angelina Jolie sent a special video message to the children on the night, celebrating their rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.South was a relatively young man when he was killed. In his short and tragic life he had been a clerk for some time before joining An Rialt the Irish speaking chapter of the Legion of Mary. South received most of his military training during his service with An Fòrsa Cosanta Áitiúil (F.C.A.) The Irish Army Reserve.Due to his military experience he was given command of a Flying I.R.A. Column. You may agree or disagree with the vision this documentary exudes. I certainly thought the steps taken where a bit rash at some places. I do agree however, with the message which is given as a whole. I love that this book specifically uses quotes, from prominent champions of their meaning, that represent the freedoms laid out in the Human Rights Act.


It is not clear if Sudanese writer Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin was inspired by Freud, but the theory reminds us of the story of his novel’s protagonist, the castrated slave Sundus. Sakin unleashes a tour de force in his novel, La princesse de Zanzibar, recently translated from Arabic to French by Xavier Luffin. Along the way, Sakin also gives us a love story between a slave and princess, a story of sexual pleasure between the castrated and the mutilated, and the story of two beings who thirst for freedom though not for the same reasons. Another documentary series (title unknown) based on very similar lines—"examining the world economy during the 1990s"—was to have been Curtis's first BBC TV project upon moving to the BBC's Current Affairs unit in 2002, shortly after producing Century of the Self. [6] Episodes [ edit ] Part 1. "F**k You Buddy" [ edit ]Intermezzo" from The Karelia Suite by Jean Sibelius (opening title, episode one; also in episode three) there are deep insights herein. he connects the dots a bit too conveniently at times, but it's hard to argue with the fundamental forces of what passes for modernity in the first world, at least in the u.s. and u.k. Wow! What an unbelievable pressing. Dead quiet. The bass is deep expansive and controlled. The top end is crystal clear and heavenly. So happy to find this vinyl. I had the CD in the 90’s and have always been looking. This pressing must be rare. If you see it in the wild don’t hesitate. Just buy it and have your mind blown!!!! A Romantic's rebellious soul causes him to wander the globe in search of his spiritual homeland. Through painter Karl Gottfried Faber's eyes, even the view through his window betrays a wistful melancholy. Dresden appears truly minuscule, its silhouette melting into the horizon (“A View of Dresden”, 1824, Albertinum, DSAC). Similarly, one shouldn't use a Prisoner's Dilemma (PD) unless 1) you have two players trying to maximize their payoff and 2) they are presented with a situation where their payoff is always higher if they defect, no matter what their opponent does.

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