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Fibre Fuelled: The Plant-Based Gut Health Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Health and Optimise Your Microbiome

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What I came to understand was that I needed to fix my gut to fix my problems. And, when I did, I not only felt better, I was able to restore function. Not only could I eat a few scoops of beans or a bowl of pasta without pain, I actually became capable of eating them without restriction. I no longer had to fear my food. I knew how to become an even healthier version of the person I used to be. This book starts out with the absolute basics and is cheerfully encouraging if you are new to the nutrition and diet wars. There are clear descriptions of the types and sources of dietary fiber, the differences among pre-biotic, pro-biotic, and post-biotic choices, and the specific benefits of different foods. There are some interesting facts and tips and insights about different foods and diets, and a very engaging and current discussion of short-chain fatty acids. That's about the first quarter of the book. It's sometimes a little bit over the top, but that's fine. All of the Doctor's favorites, (miso, fermented sauerkraut, blueberries, flax seed), are just bursting!! with goodness, and combat!! almost every known disease. Image from: Noortje Ijssennagger., Roelof van der Meer., Saskia W.C. van Mil. Sulfide as a Mucus Barrier-Breaker in Inflammatory Bowel Disease? Volume 22, Issue 3, P190-199, March 01, 2016.)

Changing things up, challenging ourselves, and experimenting with new foods will be a massive key to our success. Overall, my #1 book on gut health is still The Good Gut: Taking Control of Your Weight, Your Mood, and Your Long-term Health but if someone was interested in switching to a plant-based or plant-centered diet as well, or wanted something a bit more youthful and upbeat with a food plan at the end, then I would suggest this. I mostly scanned or skip-read this book, so it wouldn't be fair to give it a rating. I was already essentially eating this way before reading the book, and it just gave me more reasons to keep doing what I'm doing and strive for even more plant diversity.

Also, quite a bit of presumption and simplification/minification of deeper problems. He presents his lifestyle and diet as this idyllic version of perfection that we should all strive for and describes it in excessively glowing terms. This ignores that a lot of people eat poorly for emotional reasons, not because they're ignorant of nutrition. We will also cover why some individuals have trouble digesting raw plant fibers and how we can fix that for good. It all Starts with our Microbes There are many side effects of having poor gut health. A relatively common condition is "leaky gut." This is a condition where small pieces of food penetrate the intestinal wall, and enter the bloodstream. They certainly don't belong there. This infiltration triggers a cascade of events - all of which are bad news for us.

They also help healthy microbes grow, they repair the leaky gut, and they're vital regarding reducing the release of bad bacteria and harmful toxins into our systems. In short, they're the superheroes that ease gut dysbiosis. They reduce gas, bloating, and irritable bowel syndrome. Furthermore, they help regulate the immune system, prevent cancer, heart disease, strokes, and Type 2 diabetes.

Fiber fueled meal plan

Akkermansia has become somewhat of a buzzword in the health community as of late, and for good reason. When discussing the gut lining and the strength of the gut mucus layer, Akkermansia is at the forefront. I read the whole book in basically one sitting (not my thing) and found I did lots of speed reading because I couldn’t wait to learn more. So, I’ll definitely be re-reading more in depth, and with a highlighter. And I’ll continue to widely recommend to others, regardless of their current diet. However, when your weight-loss stops and you're unhappy about it, stop overeating ;) To be fair, at the end of the book he talks very briefly about mindful eating and to avoid emotional eating/toxic hunger and doing the Japanese habit of eating to only 80% full/try IF. As we can see from the image above, the gut microbiota floats above the mucus layer. Good bacteria will turn on the genes; Muc2 and Fut2, improving the strength go the gut mucus layer. (Image from :Schroeder, Bjoern O. “Fight them or feed them: how the intestinal mucus layer manages the gut microbiota.” Gastroenterology Report 7 (2019): 3 - 12.) And...I like meat. It tastes good and feels good in my body. I've never been vegetarian and have never wanted to be. I find the majority of vegans to be horribly annoying because they can't be vegan and not talk about it to EVERYONE ad nauseum and yet, the evidence for the health and environmental impacts of a meat centric diet are undeniable.

Have you ever known someone who can eat whatever they want and never gain an ounce of body fat? Akkermansia most likely the key contributing factor. Parsnips are overlooked these days. Let's celebrate them this autumn! In this CNS Kitchen Cooking event, I will demo three recipes that showcase the versatility of parsnips in a WFPB diet, and they're sure to be a hit with anyone who tries them. We'll start with Mashed Parsnips and Potatoes. Next, I'll share how to make Roasted Parsnips with Miso Maple Sauce. We'll end with a Parsnip Apple Spice Cake dessert that is worthy of your holiday dessert table. If time allows, I'll share a fourth recipe of Parsnips Creamy Soup that uses leftovers of the Mashed Parsnips and Potatoes. What's encouraging is that plant protein, fuels anti-inflammatory microbes and suppresses the destructive microbes. This bonus helps us to ward off many diseases. The need to nourish our healthy gut microbes is paramount. We can begin to experience true healing when our gut microbes are producing the optimal ratios of SCFAs, especially Butyrate. Enrollment will be open in perpetuity for The Plant Fed Gut Masterclass. This version of the Masterclass is completely self-paced and does not include weekly live Q&A calls with Dr. B or any guest experts.Here are some recipe ideas for you that go well with the Fiberfueled book diet plan after you finish the 4-week plan. Most importantly, this is not a diet, it is a change of lifestyle and you need to be ready and willing to make some sacrifices. It is worth it though. The second culprit is our increasingly poor diets. Dr. B says that the way we eat, can be harmful to our gut and overall health. Many of us could be in a situation where we may eat enough, but our healthy microbes could be starving. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, approximately 32% of our calorie intake comes from animal foods, 57% from processed plant foods, and only 11% from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Our next “master”microbe in the gut would be, Akkermansia Muciniphila, which can actually be fed by bifidobacteria. Otherwise known as the anti-obesity microbe, it carries a strong association with overall lean body mass. The main way it does this is by contracting the surface area of the gut. As its surface area decreases and contracts, we naturally absorb less calories from each meal. As Akkermansia populations rise, caloric harvest goes down.

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