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Mermaid Tarot

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For married couples, this card shows that there are many external factors affecting your relationship. In the good case, it seems that everything is being maintained at a stable level. Meanwhile, in the bad case, things make both of you feel bored and tired because there are too many inexpressible confidants. The advice for you is that both of you should share, care and communicate more confidently so that your bonding becomes stronger and more substantial. Love is not a silent sacrifice from one side, but sharing everything together. In terms of health, even if The Star Mermaid Tarot appears in reverse, this is still a very good time for health-related matters. If you are waiting for the test results of certain diseases, rest assured that they are almost always very good results. Always keep yourself calm as well as believe in your own health. It is very closely based on Rider-Waite with all of the same 78 cards being there. Although there are many changes to the images themselves, the understanding of the card is there in the picture.

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Artistically the Tarot of the Mermaids is painted in greens, blues, pinks and traditionally feminine colours, and has a very watery, undersea feeling. Inspired by the Rider-Waite-Smith style, these cards borrow just enough from its symbolism for the underwater-themed scenes to be recognisable. The Hierophant keeps his staff, the High Priestess holds a scroll, and the Magician has a trident and caduceus and swims in a garden of coral, shells and fish. In terms of family and loved ones, The Star Mermaid Tarot refers to the arguments that are happening very often among your family members. However, this is an argument that aims to support and help build things in a more positive direction, not with bad intentions. In another aspect, The Star also refers to the disagreement between you and your family in the matter of orientation and choice of things such as work, study, career. Trouble occurs when all of you have different opinions, and they just want to guide you in their own way, although everything that your loved ones are doing because they really care about you. However, the person responsible for your life is none other than yourself. So be brave to decide to choose to follow the path you want. Judgment Mermaid Tarot carries the meaning of atonement. Through the self-assessment phase, you will feel as if every “guilty,” wrongdoing or a personal mistake has been washed away. You are freed from all past sins and sorrows. This liberation is meant as a cleansing process, making your mind at ease, ready to accept the new challenges ahead.In terms of duties and superiors, The Star Mermaid Tarot reminds you at this stage to try your best to focus on your work as just a little distraction is enough to destroy everything you have done so far. Difficulties at first will pass, as long as you try. Be steadfast and determined to continue on the path you have chosen, although the destination may be as far away as the stars in the night sky, at least you can see the twinkling light radiating from your life’s goals. If you are in a high position at work, you should be careful about the rhetoric from your partner, and look at what they are doing rather than saying. Never put all your hopes and interests in the hands of others as you will surely regret it. If you have a job already, chances are things will change in the coming time. Don’t hesitate to negotiate to get what you deserve. The reward received may surprise you! Or, if you have not had a chance to negotiate a raise or promotion, think seriously about changing jobs or starting your own business. You actually have more options than you think! In terms of work, before you want people to recognize your talent and ability, you first need to understand everything about it. You need to answer some questions like: What are you best at? What motivates you to do it? These things are simple but can help you realize deeply where your true strength is. When everything is clear, this is also the time when you can be confident that your boss (the recruiter/person with the authority to increase your salary) will also realize it. You have been doing very well. Be patient and do everything step by step and absolutely do not rush! More broadly, the Three of Cups Mermaid Tarot in the upright position signifies the end of any difficulties you may have experienced, especially those related to your interactions with others. A compromise will be agreed upon, benefiting everyone involved and creating a more harmonious environment. You can speed this process up by changing yourself as well as your attitude and how you react or deal with what is happening. Try to handle everything with as much compassion and tolerance as possible.

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Everything seems fine until you fall prey to your own rules. Think very carefully about how to deal with today’s Judgment – ​​in which case you may be the magician, helping others release their burden of guilt and shame. Judgment Mermaid Tarot evokes images of a moment of reflection and self-evaluation. Through the process of contemplation, or mental contemplation, you can come to an understanding of common situations throughout life and what you can or can change to avoid encountering these situations in the future. Judgment tells you that you are very close to reaching a very important stage in your personal journey. The reversed Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot can also reflect resistance to change, especially if this change is being imposed on yourself. The appearance of this card shows that the change has created a significant sense of stress for you and you are trying to stop this process both consciously and unconsciously. This is also not the time to gamble with decisions when you may not be able to reap good results. You need to be more cautious than before, spending more time focusing on looking at your options and making the safest decisions. There is great contrast in the cards, and a large number of them represent more modern problems with the oceans, such as pollution, dead sea animals, and gas spills (the Death card.) Looking at it positively, Judgment wants to remind you that all your success is determined by you, you are the one who makes the final judgment thanks to the process of implementing your own wishes. However, if viewed from a negative perspective, this card indicates that what you are pursuing is meaningless, you will not gain anything no matter how hard you work. III. The Judgement Mermaid Tarot upright meaningsIn terms of work and finance, with the Three of Cups Mermaid Tarot in reverse, it is important to consider how your personal relationships will impact your work. Envy or jealousy can be a problem now. The mood in your work environment will generally be relatively pleasant. If you are looking for work, you have a pretty good chance of success (which is probably surprisingly high), and everything will work out well for you. Therefore, do not give up.

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The upright Ten of Cups Mermaid Tarot is also a very positive card about romantic relationships and indicates the beginning of a new connection or satisfaction towards a long-term bonding. In addition to love and commitment, efforts from both sides are also important for lasting love. This is also a time for you to enjoy the pleasures and to share with the people you love. The card indicates that this is also a great time for health-related matters. If you are waiting for the test results of some of your inherent diseases, then rest assured as everything is almost in a very good state. Stay calm and maintain your positive energy. In a general context, the upright Ten of Cups Mermaid Tarot is a great card to have in your Tarot reading as it symbolizes true happiness and spiritual and emotional fulfillment. It tells you that you will live happily ever after and possibly towards a complete family. You will feel very happy and safe when it appears in your Tarot cards. This is not the time to close yourself off. If there is one thing you need most right now, it is friends. Being alone can rarely be the answer to something. If you are not doing anything to boost your happiness and keep your mind sharp, you are probably not taking care of yourself properly. Sure, it is much easier to hide in a cave and continue to suffer, but socializing can really improve your mood and help you deal with problems.

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Over the weekend, I watched a YouTube tarot reader, who talked about how there are often people… Read More » In terms of work, when you draw The Star Mermaid Tarot in reverse, it means that there may be more positive opportunities waiting ahead that you have not yet realized! Don’t just always think about how you have to make the best of the present situation, but try to navigate your ideal life in the coming time. For example, what place or job can help you have a stable life in the next 2 years from now? Visualize your dream scenario first, then create a detailed step-by-step plan to manifest it into reality. On the other hand, the reversed Three of Cups can signify passion and pleasure in the party scene. You can spend most of your time in bars and nightclubs, enjoying the pleasures of drugs and booze. Maybe, you are blind to the motto of work hard, play hard when looking for some time to rest and relax. Be concerned with the long-term consequences and ask yourself if this is really a sustainable lifestyle. Put aside social relationships and spend more time sleeping and relaxing alone.

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In terms of romantic relationships, if you are single, the upright Three of Cups Mermaid Tarot recommends you participate in social activities and parties or simply meet friends who have not seen each other for a long time. You will have a good opportunity to meet many people and choose the one you like. The Three of Cups shows that your strength is in communicating easily with people and getting goodwill from them. However, if you want a real relationship, it includes not only sweet words but also your true feelings and actions to prove it. In terms of work, when Wheel of Fortune is reversed, there is still a possibility (though not as high as the forehand) that you will eventually quit your job because you no longer love it. Think about what you are dreaming of doing. Let your mind go beyond the daily tasks. Although reversed, the card still shows that you are very close to the time of change, and this may be a huge change. On the issue of colleagues, it seems that when you are in a difficult situation, your colleagues will ignore it, which causes your work to be delayed. Instead of handling everything alone, you should ask a higher-level person to directly request colleagues to support you. However, you should not hold hostility towards colleagues, but use affection and professional attitude to turn their disgust into adoration! This sea being similar to man fascinates but at the same time strikes fear because in her lies the secret that gave place to mankind. Her hybrid image highlights an unfinished evolutionary process. She unveils our ancient animalistic and savage nature. The sea or lakes in which the mermaids live, after all, are the symbol of the unconscious profound layers of our personality." As a social entity, we need to make time for others. To balance the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of our bodies, we need to have social interactions with people who make us laugh and understand us. This interaction can be as simple as drinking a cup of tea or as complex as putting together a re-enactment of a scene you have watched together over a million times. This social connection will increase your abundance, boost your energy, and promote a sense of joy in every cell.The reversed Ten of Cups Mermaid Tarot can also indicate disorientation of personal values. Currently, you are not living by your personal values and are not true to yourself. You are allowing others to decide what will and will not make you happy without looking at the source of things. As a result, you are questioning whether you really believe in what you are doing. While you are going crazy, rushing around to follow your plan, do not forget to pay attention to the things you really want. With the theme of awakening to a new life, Judgment Mermaid Tarot shows that you have considered and evaluated past experiences and have learned many lessons from the past. All the pieces in your life finally come together to form a unified picture of your own life story. This union heals all wounds, and now it is time to leave the past behind. The memories will stop haunting you, and you will be able to understand and respect what happened to you, the lessons for life accumulated from the past. Now, you are ready to face all the unfinished problems in life, remove all misunderstandings, and look forward to a future of peace, of clear insights in your mind. The card is also a creative inspiration, suggesting that you can pursue creative business in a team environment, such as an art class or a dance class. This is a great way to connect with others and tap into your creativity. III. Three of Cups Mermaid Tarot upright meanings Our Llewellyn Virtual Author Forums are a bi-monthly series of free online roundtable events featuring your favorite Llewellyn authors discussing topics important to you and answering your questions.

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